Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Oasis Healing Center is a premier medical cannabis dispensary, located in Oklahoma. We are passionate about cannabis and about providing Oklahomans with safe access to high-quality medical marijuana. We believe when properly used, cannabis can transform lives by helping manage illness, enhance appetite, control chronic pain and alleviate many other symptoms that illness may cause. All of our products are laboratory tested, grown locally in Oklahoma, and medical grade.

A good experience with cannabis starts with the right information, and our team of highly trained budtenders love helping our customers on their journey. We are committed to delivering the best experience to everyone who sets foot into one of our dispensary.

Our Mission

Oasis Healing Center is a marijuana dispensary with the mission of providing premium laboratory-tested cannabis and cannabis products in a professional and safe atmosphere.

Our Story

In 2017, a good friend of ours was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He began following several standard medical treatments with the endless side effects, and ultimately turned to medical marijuana as a last resort. Over time with careful medical application and the use of medical marijuana, he is now cancer free. His story along with others who have experienced relief, healing and wellness with medical marijuana has led us to bring this method of treatment to other patients suffering from all kinds of ailments. We look forward to growing and expanding to serve the needs of our community.

our team

Our staff at Oasis have come together from diverse diverse backgrounds, all with the same motivation–to promote healing with medical marijauna and to share information with our customers to improve their health. We take pride in answering questions and guiding our customers to cultivars that could bring them the most relief and wellbeing.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community while providing our customers with the finest care, in a friendly, secure and compassionate setting.